Corporate Law


Ostler & Thompson has assisted numerous companies to incorporate (corporations) or organize (LLCs) throughout the United States. We can help you determine the right entity and the correct state in which to file. We also assist your company in the renewal and amendment process.

Business and Finance

Ostler & Thompson regularly handles all types of legal matters relating to the formation, operation, reporting, government compliance and sale of businesses in Utah. We provide day-to-day legal advice on all aspects of corporate operations, including directors’ and officers’ duties in corporations and members’ and managers’ duties for limited liability companies. Our attorneys provide timely advice to clients in today’s fast-paced transactional business climate. We represent large and small companies in diverse fields including Manufacturing, Distribution, Financial Services, Securities, Franchising, Venture capital, Restaurant, Insurance, Retail, Software, E-Commerce, Telecommunications, Biotechnology, Real Estate, and Transportation.

Contracts and Contract Litigation

We can assist you in the creation of any contract imaginable. We routinely prepare non-compete and confidentiality agreements, franchise agreements, buy-sell agreements, employment agreements, lease agreements, landlord-tenant agreements and other contracts. Attorneys at Ostler & Thompson also negotiate and litigate contract disputes. Give one of our experienced attorneys a call to discuss any of your contract needs.