Non-Compete Agreements


A non-compete agreement generally applies to an employee who has confidential information about the company. For example, a high-level executive or an employee with access to customer lists may need to sign a non-compete agreement. The contract essentially restricts the employee’s ability to work in the same or a similar industry for a certain period of time and a certain geographical area after being terminated, laid off, or leaving his or her job.

Employees throughout various industries and occupations are sometimes required to sign non-compete agreements. Non-compete agreements can be drafted as part of an employment contract or as a separate document. Ostler & Thompson can help if you have questions, concerns, or a dispute regarding any non-compete agreement or negotiation. Our employment law practice is dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients, both employers, and employees. We can assist with non-compete agreement review, negotiation, and litigation.

If you have questions about drafting a non-compete agreement, if you believe a former employee is breaching his or her non-compete, or if your former employer claims you are in violation of the agreement, you may need assistance from our law firm. We can help you understand the terms of the agreement and seek a favorable resolution if a dispute arises. If you have questions about your employee rights related to a non-compete agreement, call us at 801-575-5000.